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Fine Motor Filled Christmas Ornaments

Making Christmas ornaments has long been a Christmas tradition for our family. I made ornaments every year as a kid and these days I am thoroughly enjoying making ornaments every year with my own kids. Today I’m sharing with you some super simple fun filled Christmas ornaments that Mr. C made. As a bonus it was a great activity for giving his fine motor skills a good work out.  All you need are some clear glass or plastic Christmas ornaments which you can likely find at your local craft store and a variety of festive fillers.

Filled Christmas ornaments. Fun & festive activity for fine motor skills practice.

These filled Christmas ornaments were beyond easy and so much fun. C enjoyed making them so much I had to head back to the local craft store to buy more ornaments.

Make fun filled Christmas ornaments. It's good practice for those fine motor skills too.

I presented the ornaments to him as an invitation to create one afternoon. If you’re hesitant to let your little one work with the glass ornaments, I was able to find plastic ones at Michael’s. They look the same as the clear glass ones but I didn’t have to worry about Mr. C dropping them or the sometimes sharp edges that you get on the glass kind when you take the top off. The plastic ones were perfect because they allowed him complete independence in making these ornaments. The only thing I really had to do for him was help him put the tops back on when he was done. Not that I don’t enjoy participating but this one was an activity we did where I could sit back, relax and watch him create.

For filler we used cut up bits of Christmas ribbon, pom poms in Christmasy colors (the sparkly pom poms looked awesome), beads, buttons, and cut up bits of pipe cleaner. You could also use small jingle bells or different types of table scatter. Anything that feels Christmasy to you and can fit in the ornaments is fair game. I didn’t go buy anything special for fillers I simply used what I had on hand.

Fill Christmas ornaments to practice those fine motor skills.

As for making the ornaments all you need to do is take the tops off, let your little one fill as they wish and then pop the top back on. I set a tray out with all the fillers and some ornaments for C to find one afternoon when he got up from his nap. He really didn’t need any prompting and knew just what to do. All I had to do was show him how to pull the top off the ornament. He filled 4 ornaments without tiring in our first sit down and he’s made a few more since then.

Filled Christmas Ornaments. Easy to make with items you probably already have hanging around. Excellent fine motor skills practice.

Filled Christmas ornaments. A festive way to work on those fine motor skills.


Filling Christmas ornaments can be both festive and a great way to work on those fine motor skills.

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