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DIY Wooden Ring Ribbon Teether

Well Little E is finally making his first “official” appearance on the blog helping me show off my latest project.

When I made this ribbon teether for Little E. I actually started with the plan to make this red white and blue for the 4th of July (which would have looked equally cool). However, when I got to Michaels I found a fantastic selection of black and white ribbon in the dollar bins and knew exactly how to put it to good use. Babies love high contrast and E really enjoys all the black white rattles and flashcard toys that we have for him so I thought using the black and white ribbon would be perfect for this. I was right. He loves playing with this thing!

Even if you are DIY challenged (…like me) can handle this one. You just need a wooden ring and some ribbon. In fact the hardest part might just be finding a wood ring. Check your local craft stores and if all else fails you can find them online.

To actually make the toy all you need to do is cut strands of ribbon to your desired length. Then, tie then onto the wooden ring using a double knot. I did use a little beeswax to seal the wood.

And here’s Little E to demonstrate how to play with it….

See! Lots of baby fun! My only notes on this project…. On one of the ribbon styles, the white design is actually some kind of appliqué, and as the little guy chews on it I’ve noticed it starting to peel off so I actually ended up swapping out that ribbon for another style in the end. Just make sure whatever you pick up is baby friendly. Also for a babe this age I wouldn’t make the ribbon too long as you don’t want them to be able to get tangled up in it. These might be just a tad too long but I’m always with him when he’s using it so I’m ok with it for now. In case your wondering… E is 5 months here.

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