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Upcycled Milk Jugs

In the interest of going greener I’ve been trying to think of ways to reuse a lot of stuff that we would otherwise toss. As I was washing some milk jugs out for recycling the other day, a couple of ideas came to me.

Now I happened to use smaller milk jugs for these projects but you could easily use larger ones. The smaller ones were just the right size for Mister C’s little hands though.

First I cut the milk jugs in half with scissors and let him use them for scooping, pouring, and funneling during water play.  He thought these were GREAT! Seriously. I think they were the biggest hit of anything I’ve given him to play in the water with as of late. Probably just because it was something very different, but hey…. if it entertains him, I’ll take it.

When he got tired of that I was ready for our next activity. We used the bottom half of the milk containers for planting seeds.

I loved watching him concentrate so hard on getting the soil from the bag into the planter.

 And picking up those tiny seeds and placing them in the dirt.

Now, hopefully his seeds will sprout soon so he can see all that hard work pay off. 
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