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Fun with Leaves: Fall Themed Sensory Baby Play

I have been really wanting to do some fall themed sensory play with little guy. Although he’s getting better at not putting things in his mouth, I still feel somewhat limited by the amount of mess I want to be cleaning up in the end. Inevitably any contents of any bin end up all over the floor.

What I did have in my closet that might work though were a few bags of fall leaves that I had picked up at the dollar store. So, we set about trying to find activities to do with those. Here’s a little peak at how we’ve played with our dollar store leaves over the last week or so.

First I just threw them in a pile on the floor and tried to encourage him in exploring them and throwing them around.

Later I made a small sensory bin for him using the leaves and some, just right for holding onto – sized – gourds (also from the dollar store).

And lastly we tried sticking them to contact paper. I think the contact paper was actually his favorite activity. He was so taken with the stickiness of it that at first he just had fun sticking his hands all over it!

Have you and your little one played in the leaves yet this fall?
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