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Ice Ice Baby

I’m often inspired by the everyday simple things when it comes to thinking up activities for the babe. This time I was inspired by how much fun the munchkin man was having sticking his fingers in his grandmother’s water glass and playing with the ice cubes. I wanted to try it on a larger scale to see if he’d be as interested. I also wanted to dress it up a little bit 😉 I had these cute little ice cube trays that I found at the dollar store and knew instantly they would be fabulous for summer fun.  The perfect thing to add interest to our ice cube play! As you can see I added food coloring to some of the ice cubes too.

They were the perfect size for little hands to go fishing for….

As the ice cubes melted he found the colored water pretty fascinating too. Not bad entertainment for a nine month old on a hot summer day! Oh and there’s a bonus in that I just realized this knocks one thing off of our summer bucket list…. play with ice.
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