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Sensory Bottles for Little Ones

My little guy LOVES his sensory bottles. I started making them for him one day when I realized how much he was enjoying playing with my half-full water bottle.
His current favorite is this one filled with water, small balloons, and pony beads.
At six months we started with something very basic like these colored water bottles.
Since then I’ve gotten a little more creative. I keep making new sets and changing them out periodically to keep him interested. He loves looking at them and it gets him up close and personal to materials he would otherwise not be able to go near at his age. I try to mix it up a little bit. Fill some with water and other objects, but others I fill with things like pom poms, water beads, or popcorn kernels. When I make the bottles I try to think about the different weights of the bottles or sounds they might make as he plays with them as well as how visually stimulating they are. As C has gotten more mobile they’ve also become good motivators for crawling. He bats at them…they roll away… he tries to go after them!
If you’ve yet to try making sensory bottles for your little ones (babies & toddlers alike) don’t miss out on the fun. There’s plenty of inspiration out there. You can put just about anything in them.  Here are a few ideas from a few good friends to get you started!
Check out these fun bottles that The Iowa Farmer’s Wife did her her little ones.
She added a special twist to make it even more interactive for her oldest.  I especially love how vibrant her bottles came out. You can read how she did it here.
Sometimes its the simplest things that entertain our babes the longest.
See how Mama Smiles made a beautifully simple bottle to entertain her little ones.
I love how Famiglia & Seoul made her Four Seasons Discover Bottles travel friendly.
Hands on as we Grow did a sensory jar soapy activity that any kid would love.
Who wouldn’t love bubbles in a bottle!

Growing a Jeweled Rose is sorta known for her ability to make things glow (and her sensory play dates). Check out these fantastic glowing discovery bottles she did for a backlight themed playdate!

Carrots are Orange has a great post with a list of ideas to make various sight and sound bottles.

We can’t forget about the older kiddos either!
These I SPY bottles that Living Life Intentionally made are beautiful!
Make sure you read why she made them… great idea!
You will find a ton and I mean a TON if ideas of discovery bottles over at Familylicious!
I love how they used the larger gatorade bottles. I need to try that sometime!
And lastly… (if all else fails)… Just give them the empty bottles 🙂
Our babes has lots of fun with those too!


As with any activity you know your child best. We glue hot glue our caps onto our bottles for a little extra security but always supervise, supervise, supervise, bottle caps and contents can pose a choking hazard.

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