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Butterfly Footprints

If your looking for a quick but cute, yet meaningful little project for Mother’s Day here’s something you could use for almost any age. These butterfly footprints didn’t take us long at all. Seeing as A and I had already done his Mother’s Day gifts, I really wanted to get the babycakes involved in making something too. I used this pin as inspiration. Here’s what we ended up doing.

I had a couple of smaller canvases (8×10 size) in the art closet so I decided to use those. I painted a little paint onto C’s feet using various colors in various spots. Then I put his footprints on the canvas so they were in opposing directions to make the wings. I drew in the butterfly bodies using a sharpie ( I know… my drawing skills need a little help, but hey… not too bad). I was going to just paint on the letter ‘C’ but ended using a vinyl letter instead. That’s it, all done! Didn’t take us long at all.  If your kids are a little older you could have them draw or paint on their own butterfly bodies as well as their initials to personalize the project that much further.  C loved having his feet painted by the way. It must have felt pretty cool because he was all giggles and smiles and just stared at his feet the whole time. I think I may actually keep the one with his initial on it and hang it in his room.

There’s just something about Mother’s Day to me that screams for homemade gifts. It must be all the love that we (and our kids) put into them.  I just feel like Mother’s Day calls out for them like no other holiday. With that in mind I’m inviting you to link up your favorite post(s) containing ideas for homemade Mother’s Day gifts!!

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Plain Vanilla Mom
Plain Vanilla Mom

After you link up here please be sure to visit my blogging buddy over at Crafty Moms Share to link up there and find more ideas for ways to make Mom’s day special!!

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