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Raising Butterflies

Happy Monday! With all the business of Easter behind us I thought I would share with you a spring memory from last year while I spend some time running around and getting my house (and thoughts) back in order.

Have you ever raised butterflies? This was an activity I always said we would do but just never got around to doing it until last summer. I wish we had started sooner!

Last year we kept the butterflies in “A”s bedroom (to protect them from our cats). It was such a special project for him. He got to check them every morning and say good night to them every night. It was extra special because the butterflies actually hatched on his birthday. I couldn’t have done that if I tried! Truly a gift! How neat it must be to wake up on your 7th birthday and see your butterflies hatching? He couldn’t stop talking about the butterflies having the same birthday as him. All summer long, every time we’d see a butterfly flying around he would wonder if it was one of “his” butterflies.

This will definately be an annual event for our family. In fact, we’ve just ordered our caterpillars for this year. In the meantime, since butterflies are on the brain, I thought I would share with you some pictures of our butterflies from last year and their release. I’m looking forward to documenting our butterfly family again this year too!

A couple of our butterflies were a little lazy so ‘A’ helped them along but putting them, where else, but on the butterfly bush. He got to watch them eat for awhile before they flew away.

Have a great start to a great week!

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