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Coffee Creamer Bottle Bowling

I was cleaning in the playroom the other day and came across a bag full of coffee creamer bottles that we have had since 2007!! No joke…if you look at the expiration dates on them, they are in fact from 2007.

They’ve survived two moves and nearly five years. Mr A was three years old back in 2007.  One day he asked me if he could have the empty coffee creamer bottles. Turns out he wanted to use them for bowling pins. The kid was OBSESSED with bowling. This wasn’t even my great idea, it was his. What a genius! To this day he is still one creative kid.  They even look like bowling pins when you peel the labels off…white with red tops! We collected those creamer bottles for I don’t know how long. The collection kept growing and the bowling alley would get bigger and bigger. He would spend hours playing with them. And I mean hours! Sometimes by himself and some days we would bowl together, or he would just want me to set up the pins for him in different (tricky) configurations. “Make it REALLY tricky this time” he would say. He played with that game and those bottles until he was at least five or six. And not just once in awhile either. It was a weekly event to get the coffee creamer bottles out (sometimes daily). They have had other uses too. For a spell he loved to fill them with his marble collection and they make for mean ring toss targets. They were fun for pouring water in the bathtub too.  In fact, they are slated to be put to good use later this summer at his carnival birthday party for a ball toss/knock the bottles over kind of game.  I’m so glad I never threw them out! They make me smile every time I look at them.  I had so much fun recreating our bowling alley for you 🙂

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