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School Pictures

Yesterday Mr A’s school was doing their spring school pictures and this time I opted to pass on the individual shots and just get the class picture. Last time we got school pictures I had to look twice to make sure I had pictures of the right kid lol. He can come up with the cheesiest smiles sometimes.  Anyway, so as not to feel he was being short-changed in the picture department,  before school this morning we did a mini-shoot. We were in hopes of finding one we could dub his official “spring 2012 school picture”. I think we succeeded. We were off to a little rough start in the lighting department but it was fun, he was cute (as usual) and we did end up with a keeper in the end.

Here are a few of my faves, the last one is the “official” photo 🙂

What do ya think?

Figuring I was on a roll with good pictures I decided to take it one step further and hit the fabric store. I’m still a newbie at all this and have yet to purchase anything that I could use as a backdrop.  I ended up getting a rather large piece of white muslin and some blue fabric that was on sale. Big mistake with the blue fabric lol… See 😀 (even his expression says hey mom..this is so bright I gotta wear shades) hahaha…

Right idea, wrong shade of blue. Maybe someone who is more proficient with editing could make it work but no amount of what I could do could save it.  So…lesson learned. Blue fabric to be turned into pillows for a different project.

However….. I did get something right….white.

A picture that my newbie-self is pretty proud to show off!!

It was great, I learned a lot!  Got to practice my camera skills a little, try out something new, and as a bonus got a few good pictures of the kiddos. The backdrop thing was really easy to pull off.  All I did was tape the fabric up on the wall with some painters tape and let it drape down onto the floor enough so it could be sat on (note the stuffed cow). Looked a little something like this….

Pretty amazing I got this….(below) out of that…(above). I’m still in awe with myself:)

btw…Cow makes a great subject when mommy is still on a roll but little one has to nap.

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