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Random Thoughts Over Coffee

My babycakes turned seven months yesterday. This morning as I was scurrying around doing my Mommy thing, I went to take a sip of my coffee and it was cold…again. Then it hit me. I realized I haven’t been able to finish a cup of coffee in seven months!! At first I was kinda like “humph”, but then I took a minute to really think about WHY I had not finished a cup of coffee in seven whole months. It’s because I’m busy. Busy taking care of my family. Busy waking up with my little guys. Busy packing notes in lunch boxes and getting my oldest off to school. Busy saying good morning to and chatting with my husband as he heads out the door for work. Busy seeing my baby’s gummy grin smiling at me from his crib every morning. Busy sitting down on the floor to play with ‘C’ for some undivided attention every morning after his big brother gets on the bus. In realizing just how busy my mornings are, I am realizing how truly blessed I am to actually not be able to finish a cup of coffee. Life might be dull if I could.

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