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Happy Birthday O-R-E-O

Sufficient to say I have a thing for cupcakes. Ummm…..lets make that an obsession with cupcakes. It wasn’t always this way, but for the time being it seems like a hobby I can commit to. I don’t know why really. Maybe it’s because they are yummy, sweet, cute, little bits of goodness with endless possibilities. It’s gotta be the cuteness factor! Regardless, they are my obsession of the moment. So, while this wasn’t necessarily meant to be a food blog, you will likely see plenty of cupcakes here.

The latest cupcake endeavor pays a tribute to Oreo’s 100th Birthday. Which is actually March 6th by the way.  Have you seen the Birthday Cake Oreos they have out right now? I have to say I was attracted to them instantly but it took me a while to finally pick up a package. However, I was inspired when I saw these brownies on this blog.  Hmmm….what could I make with Birthday Cake Oreos????? Then it came to me…. CUPCAKES!!!

Well…here you have it! Happy Birthday Oreo. A cookies and cream cupcake topped with Birthday Cake Oreos and SPRINKLES!! oooo – pretty! See!! Little bits of cuteness that suck you right in? haha 🙂

I used my favorite cookies and cream cupcake recipe and just changed things up a little bit.  One thing I didn’t do, that in hindsight I really wish I had, was put an Oreo in the bottom of the cupcake liner before pouring the batter in. Can you imagine biting into this cupcake and finding more Oreo? Sadly I was limited by the number of Oreos I had on hand. Don’t get me wrong… they are fabulous as is, but I think that would have just put them over the top.

The cake and frosting recipe I use comes from here.  I did crush a few extra Oreos to mix into the frosting. The recipe calls for 8.  I used 10.

Although I have regular decorator bags and tips, I was in a bit of a hurry to knock these out so I just plopped the frosting into a plastic ziplock bag, cut the corner off and piped it on. Voila! The frosting is thick. Make sure you crush your cookies fine enough so you don’t end up with chunks getting stuck when you’re piping (I threw my oreos into a plastic ziplock and crushed them with a rolling pin. Worked like a charm).  Cut off a decent size corner of a plastic bag – if that’s what you’re using for piping, or use a fairly large tip for this frosting. Better yet, just slather it on and sprinkle away! Top each cupcake with half a Birthday Cake Oreo (or a whole one).  These would be really cute if I had thought to stick a candle in each one too! Pardon the self-indulgent photo bomb but I really thought these cupcakes were super cute and they made good photography subjects (ie. they didn’t wriggle around like my 6 month old does) so I got to practice my camera skills a little too.

The kids thought these were sooo cute. Why did I not think of adding sprinkles to these cupcakes before? I will definitely put these into the kids birthday party rotation, even when Birthday Cake Oreos cease to exist,  using just regular Oreos, these will be so adorable.

Enjoy!! And… Happy Birthday OREO 🙂

Are these not too cute? I can’t stop looking at them!! (I think it’s the sprinkles) 😀

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