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Hello World!

Hello world! Welcome to my blog 🙂 I’m really hoping we become great friends. We have so much to talk about!

Meet C,

Cutiest patootiest 6 month old there ever was if I do say so myself! Sure to be the source of much inspiration.

Meet Mr. A,

He’s seven (and desperately in need of a haircut). Again, source of much inspiration as well as keeps me on my toes. For example, as I’m writing this in walks Mr. A with a handful of splinters (literally). ahhh…seven year old boys. Gotta luv ’em! Taking a break to pull splinters. If I discover any great tips for extracting splinters I’ll be sure to share.

ok..crisis over…

These are my two boys. My two loves. The reason I traded in suit pants for yoga pants and nine to five for 24-7 🙂 They are the reason I finally got my first DSLR camera and started dabbling in photography. The reason I have forced myself to get crafty, and partly the reason I have decided to blog. I want to make every plain [vanilla] day fabulous for them! And so…Plain Vanilla Mom is born.

Meet M & K,

My two bonus kids (aka: steps), and two of Mr. A’s best friends. M is eleven and K is nine.  As you can see…they love each other very much!

Oh, and I can’t forget about Buster, Harriet and Shadow,

Well meet Buster anyway…. I can’t find a good picture of Harriet and Shadow (the cats) and quite frankly the cats are pretty mellow. Buster however tends to find his way into pictures so he may make an appearance here from time to time. The cats will more than likely just lay low.

Finally there’s me and the hubby,

Not necessarily our best picture, but it gives you a little peek into our personalities. We like to have fun. He’s the kind of guy that brings flowers for no reason (and on occasion jewelry). Yes ladies, we like that kind of man! So glad he’s mine 🙂 Date night is big at our house. I would love to share some ideas with you. With four kids, date night is a big deal!!

So what do we do? What will I blog about? Well, we are just coming off school vacations. During which, we tried:

Indoor Rock Climbing…

Pottery Painting

Snowflake Making

(Remind me to post the how-to’s for the the snowflakes in another post). Most awesome snowflake you will ever make! You can make great ornament style decorations out of them too. I will show you how.

and Cupcake Baking.

Ok, now I know your saying, “Jen, those aren’t cupcakes. Those are whoopee pies”. You are right! We made these too, and they were delish…recipe to come in a later post.

Here are the cupcakes. I call them the grown-up cupcakes….They are a chocolate Guinness stout cupcake (one of the best chocolate cakes this girl has tasted), with a irish whiskey, chocolate ganache center and a Bailey’s buttercream frosting. I found the recipe for them here in case you are interested. They were a little time consuming but very much worth the effort! Everyone raved about them, and I don’t think anyone ate just one!

So hopefully that gives you a little idea as to who I am, who WE are and what you might find here. I have no idea where this road will take us, but I’m pretty sure it will be interesting along the way; at least for me! If nothing else, I will have a great place for my family to look to, to see what our story looks like when told this way. Not to sound cliche, but to this, plain vanilla mom, that alone is “priceless”.

So any-who….thanks for stopping by! If you have a minute say hi! I’d love to hear from you and get to know you too. It was nice to meet you 🙂 See you soon….

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